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Welcome to Coolsavers, a reviewed collection of some of the best screensavers available on the web today.

How our ratings work:
All screensavers listed are rated from 1 to 10 in three categories: Graphics, Lasting Power, and Content. Here's what they mean:

This score is based on how sharp the images are, and how smoothly and realistically pictures are drawn or animated. The amount of graphics is not taken into consideration, only their quality matters here.

Lasting Power:
This is how well the screensaver will hold your interest. The rating here will basically tell you if the product is a flash in the pan, or if your interest in it will endure for a long period of time.

The highest scorers in this category are screensavers with many options and configuration possibilities. Sound effects generally add to this score as well.

These three scores are added together to determine the screensavers overall rating. Only screensavers that receive a rating of 18 or higher will be posted, thus keeping quality high.

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Last updated on October 3, 1999


XaraCube Screensaver - 30 Rating

HP MOPy Fish -
29 Rating

WebCam Sam -
28 Rating

Kinemorph Screensaver -
28 Rating

Psychadelic Screensaver -
28 Rating

Blaze Screensaver -
27 Rating

  Aussie Supermodels -
26 Rating

Dancing Leaves - 25 Rating

Spray Paint Screensaver - 25 Rating

Impressionist Paintings - 24 Rating

Kaleidoscope 95 - 24 Rating

Kent - 24 Rating

 3D Sport Car - 23 Rating

 Desktop Destroyer - 23 Rating

Alien Visitations Screensaver - 23 Rating

Budweiser Frogs Screensaver - 22 Rating

 Exploding Cow - 20 Rating

MomSoft Jokes Screensaver - 19 Rating

Nessie - 19 Rating

AquaScape Screensaver - 19 Rating

Waving Hands Screensaver - 18 Rating

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